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January 7, 2021

The safe use of the starter

The safe use of the starter


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  • The main focus of the starter is the starting time. Generally, when the vehicle cannot be started, it needs to be turned on several times. It cannot be turned on all the time. The starting time of the motor is controlled within 5 seconds. If it exceeds 5 seconds, it must stop and wait for a while. ,
  • One to see if there are people around the car, second to see if the car is in gear, third to see the terrain, fourth to see whether the car’s water tank is full of water, five to see if the oil is enough, six to see whether the battery is powered or not, seven to see that the instrument is incomplete, and eight to see that the lights are incomplete. Nine to see the brakes are not working, that's all, good luck.
  • Generally, the starter does not need maintenance, and the design service life is normal. 50000 times are no problem (3s/time). Do not start more than 10 seconds at a time during use, and start continuously no more than five times, otherwise it may cause slight damage to the starter, which will accumulate over time. Will be damaged
  • The precautions for disassembly and assembly of the starter are as follows: 1. Before maintenance work, the three-piece fender set of the engine room must be laid to prevent the paint from being scratched. 2. Turn off the ignition switch and remove the key. 3. Turn off the battery. The negative pole of the battery is disconnected to avoid grounding the power supply line at the 30 terminal of the starter and the car shell when disassembling the starter, causing a local short circuit and burning the fuse box computer board. 4. After installing the new starter, It is necessary to check whether all the tools in the engine compartment are taken out to avoid any tools falling in the engine compartment, causing other safety hazards.
  • The air motor must be well protected during use. Generally, in the entire pneumatic system circuit, an oil mist device is installed in front of the air motor control valve, and the oil is added regularly, so that the oil mist enters the air motor after mixing into the air, so as to achieve sufficient ***. When using the cylinder, pay attention to the ambient temperature of -35~+80℃; it should be tested under 1.5 times the working pressure before installation, and there should be no air leakage; all working surfaces should be coated with *** grease during assembly; An oil mist device must be installed at the inlet of the installed air source, and a dust cover must be installed in a dusty place; the piston rod should be installed as much as possible to bear the tensile load on the axis; if the load changes during the stroke, the output force should be used Ample cylinders, with a buffer device; in most cases, full stroke is not used.
  • Precautions when starting the motor: (1) When the motor is found to be fired or the vibration is too large after starting, it should be immediately opened and shut down for inspection. (2) Under normal conditions, the factory motor is allowed to start twice in the cold state. The interval between each time should not be less than 5 minutes; start once in a hot state. Only when dealing with accidents, and the start time of the motor does not exceed 2-3 seconds, you can start one more time. (3) If the running direction is found to be reversed after starting , The switch should be opened immediately, the power is cut off, and any two-phase wiring of the three-phase power supply should be switched and restarted. (4) If the power switch is turned on and the motor cannot rotate, the switch should be opened immediately, and the cause should be found and the fault is eliminated and restarted. (5) ) After the power switch is turned on, the motor makes an abnormal noise, and the switch should be opened immediately, and the motor transmission and fuse should be checked. (6) After the power switch is turned on, the starting time of the motor and the change of the ammeter should be monitored, such as the starting time If it is too long or the ammeter does not return late, it should be opened immediately for inspection.
  • 1 Each start (ignition) time cannot exceed 3 seconds, because the starter is a short-time working motor. If it does not start, it takes 15 seconds to wait for the starter to cool down before starting, otherwise the starter is prone to problems (loss of life) (Short, overheating, ablation, etc.) especially in winter. Because of the cold weather, the resistance of the engine is higher than usual, and the output efficiency of the battery is also low; 2 pay attention to the sound at startup, if the sound is found to be abnormal, immediately send it to the 4s shop for repair .3 Pay attention to the use environment of the whole vehicle. Look at the installation location of the starter. If the distance from the ground is very close, it is recommended not to let the vehicle drive on roads with more muddy water.
  • 1. Turn the key until the power is turned on. At this time, the fault lights on the instrument panel are energized and flicker. Wait 3 to 5 seconds for the engine to self-check. After the self-check, the fault light will go out and start to fire at this time. 2. The engine speed will be very high after starting. At more than 1000 rpm, wait for the engine to warm up, pay attention to inspect the tachometer, and complete the warm-up when the tachometer drops to about 800 3. You can go
  • 1. The starting time should be as short as possible. Each starting time should not exceed 5s. If you can't start for the first time, you should stop for 10-15s and start the second time. 2. Start with battery power loss or low temperature in winter, deal with engine and battery Warm up and crank the engine before starting.
  • No matter how old or new the car is, when the driver starts the car for the first time, it will have a good effect on prolonging the service life of the car. At first glance, it is to make a circle around the car, mainly depending on the appearance and appearance of the car. Environment-oriented,
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